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With the cost of child care rising, many parents find themselves paying half their income to quality child care. The Child Care Resource Center offers assistance in paying for child care for eligible parents.

Participants must be working or going to school and be income eligible to receive assistance with the cost of child care.
Income guidelines. Download requires a PDF reader.

When selecting a daycare, there are many questions you should ask to determine if that particular place is a right fit for you and your child. Things To Ask

Our Behavioral Consultant will consult with parents about ideas and resources on many subject areas regarding children. These subject areas include child development, family studies, special education, developmentally appropriate practices, discipline, behavior modification and more. Click here for more information.

For questions or comments about our Behavioral Support Program, please email the Behavioral Consultant. Linda.J.Reeves@wv.gov

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Verification Needed

Proof of West Virginia residency and proof of Identity are required.:
Acceptable Proof of Residency documents must show your current physical address , Post Office Boxes are not accepted as proof of residency.
A. WV Utility bills with a WV residence address.
B. WV property tax bill or receipt indicating a WV residence address.
C. WV mortgage documents or homeowner insurance documents for a WV residence or proof of WV home ownership with a WV residence address.
D. WV W-2 form not more than 18 months old with applicant's name and residence address
E. WV weapons permit with a WV residence address.
F. WV Motor Vehicle registration card that contains a WV residence address
G. WV Voters registration card with a WV residence address.
H. WV School enrollment form if applicant is under age 18 with the applicants WV residence address
I. WV homestead tax exemption with a WV residence address.
J. Residential rental and/or lease agreement with a WV address
Acceptable Proof of Identity
A. An original, valid, current unexpired Certificate of US Citizenship (INS Form N-560) with photograph.
B. An original, valid, current unexpired Certificate of Naturalization (INS Form 550 or 570) with photograph.
C. An original, valid, current West Virginia Drivers License, permit, or ID card that is expired less than six months with photograph.
D. An original, valid, current, unexpired US Military ID Card
E. US Military ID Retiree Card or Uniform Service Identification Privilege Card (DD 1173) with current photograph.
F. An original, valid, current, unexpired or legally extended United States passport with current photograph.

Pay stubs for the past 30 days or Income verification form to be filled out by employer. If you receive alimony, SSI, TANF, Veterans or Insurance benefits we must have verification. Child Support Verification even if you receive none. If you are going to school, we need an official class schedule that is stamped by the registrars office.

You will need to pick a state certified daycare provider. The Child Care Resource Center will Provide you with an updated provider list upon your request.

When your application is complete, you will need to sign a parent service agreement.

To apply or if you have questions please call or stop by your local CCRC office.

New West Virginia Child Care Policy 3.2 states that effective July 1, 2008, all children receiving child care services MUST VERIFY that they are either a US Citizen or a qualified alien to continue receiving child care services. Acceptable proofs of US Citizenship/Qualified Alien Status are as follows.

  • A birth certificate showing birth in one of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico (on or after January 13, 1941), Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands (on or after January 17, 1917), American Samoa, or the Northern Mariana Islands (on or after November 4, 1986, Northern Mariana Islands local time) (unless the applicant was born to foreign diplomats residing in such a jurisdiction);
  • United States passport;
  • Report of birth abroad of a U.S. citizen (FS-240);
  • Certificate of Birth (FS-545) or Certification of Report of Birth (DS-1350), copies of which are available from the Department of State;
  • Form N-561, Certificate of Citizenship;
  • Form I-197,
  • Form I-873 (or prior versions),
  • Statement provided by a U.S. consular official certifying that the individual is a U.S. citizen (given to an individual born outside the United States who derives citizenship through a parent but does not have an FS-240, FS-545, or DS-1350); or
  • Form I-872 (or prior versions), American Indian Card with a classification code "KIC" and a statement on the back identifying the bearer as a U.S. citizen.
The Child Care Resource Center, sponsored by Catholic Charities WVa, is a separate entity from the
West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (Department). The Department has not control over the daily operations of the Child Care Resource Center, nor is it liable for the actions of the Child Care Resource Center. This program is being presented with financial assistance as a grant from the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources.